100% Knitted Blueberry
Saucisson From Haute-Savoie

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Made In France / Registered Trademark

Now here’s a saucisson like no other. It’s both the sweet and savory flavor and the dark black colour that make for this rather surprising blueberry saucisson.

Here at Maison Cisson, our blueberry saucisson has been knitted using a dark wool that’s similar in colour to the edible version, and has also been tied in the traditional way using linen Butcher’s twine.

The black speckled wool results in a rather chic saucisson! As we all know, black goes with everything, so imagine how stylish it’d look hung alongside a linen tea towel.

Want a handy tip? Why not spray it with some diluted lavender or lemongrass organic essential oils, to help keep pesky flies and mosquitos at bay in your kitchen.

As for the edible version, it’s made by soaking the casing in juice extracted from blueberries, giving it this particular colour. It’s cured for four to five weeks to create a saucisson that’s equally unique in taste and colour.

The knitted blueberry saucisson from Haute-Savoie is made by Maison Cisson, the number 1 for knitted French charcuterie.

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