Frequently Asked Questions

Why knit saucissons?

Here at Maison Cisson, we’re big fans of food and we love all that France’s cultural and gastronomical heritage represents. France has such a wealth of mouth-watering saucissons, but there’s only one problem: too much saucisson leads to a fuller figure. So the easiest way to enjoy saucissons all year round and not gain a pound is to have knit saucissons instead! So no need to resist temptation, as these saucissons are for your eyes only!

Woolen saucissons: a unique and humorous kitchen decoration

Ok, so our saucissons may seem a little off the wall, but they’re perfect for decorating your kitchen with! Their timeless style means they’re right at home in both modern, minimalist kitchens as they are in rustic, country-style ones. They’ll add a touch of humorous style to your interior design.

A rather original souvenir all the way from France

Are you often on the look out for something original and different to offer your friends?
Well, look no further… when you gift one of our saucissons, you’re gifting a little part of France. They won’t perish or go off, and everybody loves them – so there’s none of the downsides you get when offering real foodstuffs. Plus, they’re made for all tastes and dietary restrictions – because obviously, these saucissons aren’t made for eating!

A gift with that je ne sais quoi

Everyone loves our saucissons! Men and women, old and young, big or little… they’re a sure fire hit! The perfect gift for birthdays, parties or any special occasion. Maison Cisson’s saucissons are above the trends and will never go out of fashion.

A gastronomical gift with regional charm

Our saucissons pay homage to the regions of France. If you’re looking for a gourmet gastronomical gift that defies any use-by date…. Then look no further! So good riddance to best before dates!

How to display your saucissons

For maximum effect, simply hang them up – they’ll look just like cured meats in a deli. From a distance, you could easily mistake them for the real deal!

Or why not hang them on a door nob, a widow handle or simply on a hook…. Just about anywhere you fancy really!

Or for the adventurous out there, why not display one in an old frame, hanging from a painting or even stick them to a chopping board and display on the wall…. Let your imagination run wild!

Where can I find butcher’s hooks?

If you’d like the same hooks that we use to display our saucissons (as featured in our photos), they’re really easy to find. These S-shaped hooks are sold in hardware, DIY or home décor stores. You can even find them on the Internet.