"Chipolata sausages"

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Ahhh the chipolata, or as we call them here in France, “la chipo”. There’s definitely a certain je ne sais quoi about them, and this sausage is certainty synonymous with a barbeque. Picture the summertime scene: you’re with all your friends, a rosé in hand, and the sausages are sizzling away…

Here at Maison Cisson, we couldn’t not recreate this funny little pink sausage all strung together in a gang. This is our very own hilarious version of the classic chipolata.

Hung up in your kitchen on a butcher’s hook, this string of sausages goes perfectly with a crisp white linen tea towel and it’s sure to make your friends drool.

This string of chipolatas is made by MAISON CISSON, the number 1 for knitted French charcuterie…

The slim, long chipolata sausage comes in at around 2 – 2.5cm in diameter. It’s often confused with another French favourite, the godiveau, which is actually made from veal and suet and traditionally found in Arpitania.

In France, it seems butchers have slightly strayed from the original, using coarse-ground pork stuffed into a natural casing. The sausage meat is often seasoned with thyme, sage or even nutmeg. Ideal grilled or fried, this is no smoked sausage.

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Description :
Knitted saucisson made with pink and white-coloured wools, red and white kitchen string, and metal clips.
Polyester filling
Paper label
Length: approx. 40 cm
Diameter: 4cm
Weight: approx. 30g

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